AppConext: Connecting you with what’s next in App Discovery

Join us this October as the mobile industry learns from the innovators that are driving app discoverability opportunities, and hear the leading strategies that can help put your products in front of their target audiences. AppConext is the only conference that is focused exclusively on providing expert advice that can improve your discoverability tactics in an increasingly crowded app marketplace.

Conference topics include:

  • The State of App Discovery
  • Reviewing the challenges of discoverability on today’s app stores
  • The lasting impact of Apple’s crackdown on 3rd party app discovery services
  • Assessing the app marketplace outside of Apple and Google Play
  • Driving and Retaining New Users
  • Understanding why burst campaigns are more likely to generate immediate traffic for your apps
  • Creating keywords and descriptions that entice audiences to press the download button
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of using cross-promotion and user acquisition to drive discoverability
  • Taking Stock of Tools for Engagement
  • The keys of using analytics to understand your users
  • Best practices for continuously updating app content and software to keep your users engaged
  • Optimizing the search rankings of your apps to maximize discoverability opportunities
  • Promoting Your Apps Internationally
  • Localizing your apps for global audiences
  • Building relationships with local PR and media to spread the word
  • Analyzing ideal international test markets for your apps


Don’t just get your apps in front of anyone, get them in front of your target audiences

Recent industry reports have revealed that we are rapidly approaching having a combined 2 million apps on Apple and Google Play available for consumers to download. Perhaps even more eye opening is that 1 in 4 of all the apps downloaded on a monthly basis are installed once and never used again.

That’s why there’s nothing more crucial for app developers to have in their back pocket then a comprehensive strategy to get their apps in front of their target audiences. It’s also equally important to keep those target audiences engaged in their apps once they have been installed.

Our mission at AppConext is to help you develop the discoverability and engagement strategies that are needed in order to survive the rapid expansion of the global app marketplace.

If you’re struggling to introduce your app to the people who need it most, we’re here to help you do just that! AppConext is the only conference that offers two full days of expert presentations and panels to help you connect with the audiences that you need in order to ensure that your app reaches its full potential.

At AppConext, we bring together a wide array of mobile stakeholders, from indie app developers to Fortune 500 companies, providing a unique forum for networking and professional development in the heart of a region that is helping to shape the future of the mobile economy.

Is AppConext the right event for me?

Today’s mobile marketplace encompasses a wider range of companies and organizations than ever before. To break down who can benefit the most from attending the conference, here’s a quick guide to help you decide if AppConext is a good fit.

AppConext is geared towards the following businesses and organizations:

  • Developers and publishers of mobile apps
  • App discovery providers and platforms
  • Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets
  • Executives specializing in mobile media for their corporate enterprises or organizations
  • Brands and agencies that currently create or are interested in creating mobile apps for themselves or their clients
  • Wireless carriers that host, distribute, or acquire mobile apps
  • Investors and VC’s looking to fund new mobile apps or improve the performance of mobile apps in which they are already invested
  • Service providers to the mobile community in one of the following areas:

Mobile advertising
Mobile marketing
Analytics providers
User acquisition channels
Monetization solutions
Cross-promotional networks
A/B testing
Mobile payments
Mobile rewards

  • PR and social media professionals with clients that are looking to have their apps discovered by wider audiences
  • National, regional, and local government agencies that would like to improve the performance of their apps or help their constituents do the same

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