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Bop It! Game


Bop It,The toy that is attracting all ages. Bop it game is considered one of the most fun and contagious games on the market. It is marketed by Hasbro and Parker Brothers and the box states for ages 8 and up. Bop it calls the moves and you have to complete the instruction. With a variety of options you level up and continue to compete with the machine or with your friends. You can play Bop It alone or in teams. The more levels you complete the more moves and skills you unlock. The more moves you do the more complex the commands become.

The point of Bop it is to Compete while you maintain the beat. Bop it the toy will command you to "bop it" "twist it" or "pull it" in random order. Respond as quickly as you can and Bop it will provide you with another command. If you are not quick enough or you respond incorrectly, then you are out. The game can be played by one person or a group.


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