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Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate, Hardwood and Steel


We are the only company that is making this type of adjustable swing gate bearing hinge system. The bracket is 3/8" steel with slotted holes to receive a four hole 1" flange mount bearing. A pin with bracket is supplied to bolt or weld to the top and bottom of your gate. An adjustable hinge is essential when hanging a double gate for alignment. This type of hinge also lets you adjust any gate if the post or columns move due to settling. The center hinge acts like a shoulder joint, moving around in a circle and pointing off at angles. It is easily leveled to vertical.

Kit is supplied with 2 brackets, 2 bearings, 2 pins, and 8 bolts with washers.

Hinge Pin - 1-3/8" high
Flange Bearing - 1-1/2" high

Galvanised Adjustable Bottom Gate Fitting, used for the hanging and fitting of field gates.
Consists of adjustable gate eye and heel clips, allowing for easy adjustment of the levels of the gate when fitted.
This is fitted by drilling a single hole in the closing stile, tightening up the nuts onto the heel clips either side of the stile clamping together tight.


Brady Part: 64057 -Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

This is a review for the Richell one touch adjustable pet gate, which is one of the most popular pet gates among pet owners. Find out why is that!