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Ameda Spare Parts Kit


One reason I chose it is I used an Ameda pump in the hospital. The pump kit I got there can be used with this, so I have spare parts in case I lose something, which I really like, or I can buy another kit at the local lactation clinic for only $9. When I bought mine, I couldn't find the pump at a local store, so I ordered it on the Internet, and then found out later that the exact same pump is put out by Lansinoh (but is purple instead of green) and is sold locally.

I started with using an Ameda pump for hospitals and when returned to work purchased this pump. This item makes pumping at work a pleasure: clean and efficient. I love it and highly recommend to all.


Ameda Platinum Pump- Use of the Pump

I’ve been using the Ameda PY pump for the past month. I used the Ameda platinum hospital grade pump the first week while I was waiting for my PY pump to arrive and haven’t noticed much difference in the amount I am pumping. The pump I received through my insurance did not come with a carrying bag, but it sounds like the bag wasn’t that great from the review anyway. I also had supply issues since my baby wouldn’t nurse so I have been taking lactafkow and exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. Given I am pumping every 2-3 hours I have to say the Ameda pump is working pretty great!