• Apple ICandy stroller and pram
  • I’ve read somewhere that Apple Strollers will be adding the accessories, so I’m going to call them and check on that.
  • Anyone have recent apple stroller co experiences? Would you pay the extra money with orlando stroller co for piece of mind and cup holders?
  • I cancelled my Apple strollers reservation based on poor reviews and what I was hearing the quality and cleanliness of the strollers.

Apple iPad 2/3/4 Holder for Strollers and Car Headrests

Too low to display

Today’s featured pushchair, the British designed iCandy Apple Stroller has been making an increasing appearance when I’m out and about which is likely to have been triggered by a number of awards from baby magazines.

Apple strollers: promotion where you only pay $7 a day in insurance and $10 for drop off/pick up of stroller BUT there are no cup holder with their strollers and the company has not been renting strollers very long and has had shakey reviews when first starting (although I know they are an established scooter rental co).


The Pushchair Track: iCandy Apple Stroller

I have to admit I miss Selma Blair in all her fabulous maternity clothes, but seeing her with her new baby is pretty sweet, too. Check out the stylish mama strolling with her hubby and baby, Arthur, this past weekend and if you’re curious about her swanky, UK-based iCandy Apple luxury stroller hiding underneath that , here’s the scoop: