• Attack Submarines - SSN
  • Seawolf is a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine class operated by the US Navy.
  • Attack submarines allow the US Navy to project power world-wide. These subs are designed for:
  • World's Largest Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine of U.S Navy Army Full Documentary

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Neither Taiwan nor the U.S. has officially confirmed the agreement. However, according to Defense News, the torpedoes will be set up on Taiwan’s two remaining combat attack submarines once their life extension program is completed.

Taiwan will also go ahead with the Indigenous Defense Submarine (IDS) program to develop eight attack submarines. The MND source told that China will not easily invade Taiwan because of Taipei’s ten attack submarines equipped with Mk-48 torpedoes and additional UGM-84L Harpoons.


Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines

The increased build rate would help to alleviate a severe shortfall in the number of available attack submarines in the Navy’s inventory—which is set to drip to 41 boats by 2029. But moreover, with the growing threat from a resurgent Russia and an increasingly hostile China, the service is recalibrating its stated requirement for 48 attack submarines.