AppConext Auto: Putting you in the driver’s seat to connect with the leaders shaping the future of the connected vehicle

2013 was the year in which Apple and Google Play each surpassed the one million mark for apps available on their smartphone and tablet marketplaces. Now that we’ve turned the page to 2014, where can the mobile industry find the next major app development opportunity as these app stores are overwhelmed with new apps?

The next major app marketplace isn’t on a smartphone or tablet, it’s riding in your car. According to recent industry reports from Juniper Research, the in-vehicle app industry is expected to surpass $1.2 billion in global value over the next three years.

Auto OEM’s and infotainment providers are striving to provide drivers and passengers with a wide range of apps at their disposal to make the in-vehicle experience as informative and helpful as possible. If you’re an app developer, now is the perfect time to learn from and network with these auto industry leaders to better understand their objectives for incorporating in-vehicle apps into cars and infotainment systems.

That’s why we’re bringing these groups together for the AppConext Auto conference focused on in-vehicle apps, taking place in the Motor City area this May.

AppConext Auto offers two action packed days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with the innovators that are working to ensure that the next great app marketplace is on four wheels.

From the current platform competition between Apple and Google to the future of fuel efficiency apps, AppConext Auto is committed to delivering the expert insights that you need in order to create a comprehensive connected vehicle strategy for 2014 and beyond.

Conference highlights include:

  • Analyze the challenges of developing informative and meaningful in-vehicle apps that won’t become a distraction to the driver
  • Examine how OEM’s and developers are working to curtail the security risks of in-vehicle connectivity
  • Understand how to navigate the complex approval process that in-vehicle apps must go through to comply with government-mandated safety regulations
  • Debate the influence of Apple and Google on the future of in-vehicle apps
  • Discuss the pros and cons of making tech specialist positions a requirement at dealerships, as younger customers begin to place an increased priority on their in-vehicle infotainment systems
  • Learn how developers can collaborate with OEM’s, infotainment providers, and government agencies to create in-vehicle apps that measure and improve fuel efficiency
  • Break down the importance of high-speed connectivity to the in-vehicle app experience
  • Hear which categories of in-vehicle apps are most in-demand amongst OEM’s
  • Uncover best practices for monetizing in-vehicle apps, from bundling to premium purchases

Is AppConext Auto the right event for me?

Our mission is to ensure that each of our attendees gets optimal value out of their time at AppConext Auto, which is why we want to do everything in our power to make certain that this event will benefit you. Below is a quick guide to help you decide if AppConext is a good fit for your organization.

AppConext Auto is geared towards the following businesses and organizations:

  • App developers and publishers
  • Auto OEM’s
  • Aftermarket infotainment suppliers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Mobile and web software platforms that are creating in-vehicle app technologies
  • In-vehicle music, radio, and entertainment providers
  • Brands and agencies that are interested in advertising or marketing via in-vehicle apps
  • Wireless carriers that work with or are looking to work with OEM’s to provide in-vehicle connectivity services
  • Investors and VC’s looking to fund in-vehicle app technologies or improve the performance of in-vehicle app technologies in which they are already invested
  • In-vehicle advertisement and marketing companies
  • Data and analytics providers for the auto and mobile industries
  • Monetization channels for the auto and mobile industries
  • Cross-platform solutions between mobile devices and infotainment systems
  • PR and social media professionals with auto or mobile industry clients that are looking to partner with app developers, OEM’s or infotainment companies on in-vehicle apps
  • Government agencies that would like to utilize in-vehicle apps to help constituents improve fuel efficiency, driving habits, safety, etc.
  • Non-profits and advocacy organizations that are looking to improve driver safety as distractions increase

For more information on attending, speaking, or partnering with AppConext Auto, please contact us at We look forward to having you with us!


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