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  • Bebs: I’m sorry, Mommy. The Baby Angel said I am a good girl, and I should be one.

Sleeping Baby in Angel Wings

Too low to display

Thanks for your note, Chrissi. I did name my baby angel. It does help – you give them an identity, and acknowledge that they even existed. Also, we are planning to move soon, and when we do, I will plant a tree in his honor at our new home. I can nurture it, talk to it and watch it grow. We pray for our baby angel every night. He’s a forever part of our family.

I am so sorry that you lost your baby……what a fascinating conversation with your little girl Bebs! Did you ever name your baby angel? You may like to read Jenny Shroedel’s, “Naming the Child.” When I read Todd Burpos book, Heaven is For Real, I was fascinated about his sister who he met in heaven, who was miscarried and never given a name. Naming your baby angel can be so healing…


If you have any information about the Baby Angel case

What can be cuter and sweeter than pictures of baby angels? I don’t know if there are any real angel babies but I've found several pictures of human angel babies and one of a cute angel figurine. These pictures are full of tenderness and love. I hope you enjoy them.