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Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue


When deciding on which baby bed to buy, there are many factors to consider, some of which are budget, size, style, color, and future use. Answer these questions before you begin your search and save yourself time and money. With so many options on the market today, it is wise to know what you want before you begin. There are many affordable options on the market today that meet safety requirements, and have a style you’re looking for. But, if your desire is to have a crib that will last beyond one child, and look great throughout the toddler years, you may want to increase your budget and get a better quality crib. Rather, save money by repurposing other items in your nursery. A beautiful dresser can instantly become a gorgeous changer, simply by adding a change top. Take your favorite chair from another room, and add a cute ottoman or puff and, voila, you have a nursing nook. And for additional decor like artwork and mobiles, there are literally thousands of DIY options out there on pinterest. Create something all your own that looks amazing and costs next to nothing. But, when it comes to the baby crib, cut no corners. This is the place your child will spend the most time alone, and the peace of mind you will gain from knowing your child is in a safe environment will be money well spent. Additionally, a high quality crib will continue to look great throughout the years. If you add a conversion kit, you can extend the look of your beautiful baby crib for several more years. The size of your crib should work with the size of the room it will be in. Most baby beds on the market today are a standard size, but there are some beautiful options, such as round or oval cribs, that take up a smaller footprint, without sacrificing a lot of interior space. Also, consider visual space. A crib with a closed head and foot will feel bigger than one with open sides, so if you’re trying to create a feeling of airiness to a space, opt for a crib with open pickets on the head and foot rather than closed sides. Cribs that offer closed head and foot have their own charm. They create a much cozier interior, and keep noise and light to a minimum for sleeping baby.

Eyford, who was told about the baby beds by a public health nurse in her baby group, said she co-slept with her first child. Now having received more education about safe sleep she is excited to provide her newborn with a secure space for sleeping.


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