• Baby rash; Miliaria; Prickly heat
  • Want to know if that baby skin rash is something to be concerned about?
  • There are three types of baby rash or miliaria
  • Baby rash may result in some complications that include:

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Unlike other type of baby rashes eczema is chronic skin rash forming red colored itchy patches on the skin. For some babies eczema can develop due to milk allergy. Some forms of eczema would continue to trouble your baby till 10-15 years of age and even into their adulthood. This type of baby rash develops anywhere on the skin but is largely seen on the skin folds like knees or elbows.

It is somewhat serious type of baby rash caused by bacteria. It forms bumps and sores on the skin surface. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for treating impetigo which will resolve within a week.


Baby Rash Around Eyes - Doctor answers on HealthTap

Common baby rashes are normally non-threatening skin conditions. They may look awful and gives baby some discomfort such as itchy or burning sensation but they may resolve on its own within days, weeks or months. Identifying what kind of rash your baby has including the associated symptoms will be beneficial for you to determine what kind of best treatment your baby needs and when should worry about the rash.