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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


Video & Audio Monitoring
We put all of these monitors to the test with various interferences – microwaves, other baby video monitors and walls – to determine which one gave us the best display and audio. Our top-ranked monitor, the Infant Optics DXR-8, maintained the best image overall. The video was crisp and clear for the full eight-hour test. It did transmit a tiny bit of audio static as we walked the monitor farther away from the camera, but it was still mostly clear, even 120 feet away. The Levana Keera also fared well in our audio and video quality tests, and it even worked up to 149 feet away.

The most important point of a video baby monitor is that it shows you and lets you hear what your baby is up to so that when you're needed, you can be there as soon as possible. Image quality is of utmost importance, because when you glance at the video monitor, you should be able to see enough detail of your child to know whether they're asleep or not. You also want to be able to clearly hear your baby through the receiver, and you want a baby video monitor that is uncomplicated so you can start using it right away instead of getting lost in a sea of instructions.


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Although the others on our lineup didn't rise to the very top, they're excellent choices in their own right. The has the largest screen of them all at 5 inches, which gives you a huge view of your infant or toddler's room so you can keep an eye on all that goes on. The Snug Monitor is a Wi-Fi-capable device that allows you to use an SD card so you can save photos and video you take with the monitor. Whichever baby video monitor you choose for your family, you can be sure that if you select one from our lineup, it can provide you the peace of mind you seek.