• Baby with eczema
  • Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a common problem among babies
  • Those itchy red bumps and patches on baby’s cheeks could be a case of infant eczema
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Seeing your baby suffer with itchy eczema can be really distressing especially if the discomfort is disrupting their sleep. It can be helpful to know that most babies grow out of eczema by the time they are two or three, with most symptoms reducing after 12 months of age, additionally, scaring from eczema is uncommon. So, by ensuring you keep your baby's skin well moisturised, steering away from soaps and strong detergents and taking the advice of your doctor you should be able to soothe your baby's discomfort and help stop the itching.

Irritant contact and allergic contact eczema are also common and tend to be brought on by either prolonged (irritant) or immediate (allergic) exposure to a specific allergen. Suffering from one type of eczema increases the chance that you will develop other types, so if your baby suffers with atopic eczema you may notice that exposure to certain things in his or her environment causes flare ups.


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