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  • Our premium baby tassel wraps can be used in various ways to enhance your newborn...
  • Baby head wraps are very popular this year and Teyana Taylor’s little girl Junie has her own set that she wears quite often.
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The patented Rayosan™ technology by Clariant increases the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of the Moby Wrap Baby Wraps without changing the appearance, handle, and "breathability" of it. The Moby Wrap UV Turquoise Baby Wraps can therefore offer another layer of protection for baby's sensitive skin, especially before the recommended age of using sunscreen.

From the moment parenthood starts, you instinctively keep your baby close, strengthening the impenetrable bond between parent and child. At Solly Baby, our philosophy is two-fold, baby wraps should bring you closer to your little one while giving you the freedom to take on life. We understand and believe in embracing this bond. We believe in the possibility of bonding with your child, without losing yourself as an individual.


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Popular material options include 100 percent cotton, which provides a soft and comfortable feel for the baby. Organic material is also becoming a widely popular choice, as is bamboo, which provides a breathable and cool environment for your child. You can also find silk baby wraps, which are lightweight and elegant. Silk also resists water and fire well. However, with silk, you will want to take extra care to ensure you wear the wrap correctly, as the material is slippery.