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LoveS Kids Play Tent Playpen Ball Pit Pool 39.4 Inch with Red Zippered Storage Bag (Balls not Included)


This castle adds fun to any day by offering kids the thrill of a bounce house and a built in inflatable ball pit. Due to the size of this ball pit we recommend this for children 3 years and older. It does require you to have a large floor area since it measures 88” long and 118” wide. The total play area is 72” high at the highest area, over the bounce area. You may also want to user larger 3” balls to fill the large ball pit play area. You will need 500 – 1000 ball pit balls to properly fill this product. It does come with a blower which must stay on it while in use. This means it can become fully inflated in about one minute. Deflation takes about 3 minutes and you can then roll it up and take it with you anywhere. This is a great ball pit for kids 3 and over.

For the most part, ball pits are safe for any aged child to enjoy. They are fun to use, because it combines the best of all things for smaller children and larger ones as well. Can you name a child who does not like bouncing and balls to play with?


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