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Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror


* "Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror": Best Xmas Toys Reviews 2013-2014 On This "Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Review" by Mattel Which Is A *Vanity Mirror* That Is Compatible With An iPad. This Brings The Level Of Fun And Dynamic Play To An Entirely New Level, As Girls Can Try On Different Kinds Of Eye Shadow Or Lipstick Without Having To Actually Do This In Reality, Which Is A Major Benefit For Parents Who Don't Feel Like Dealing With Messy Cleanup After That. As It's Name Suggests, The "Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror" Allows Girls To Enjoy Endless Free Makeover All In The Contained Creative Environment Of A Digital Setting.

Girls can give themselves mess-free, makeup-free makeovers with the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror ($70)! The virtual play is brought to life in a way that only Barbie can deliver — using cutting-edge technology. Your tech-savvy girl can enjoy endless styling playtime with a console that turns her iPad (not included) into a digital makeup mirror! Just download the free app, available at the App Store, and then slide your iPad into the vanity frame — the makeup lights turn on, and the app and front-facing camera recognize your face. Use the applicator wand to apply virtual makeup to your image onscreen. Select the perfect eye shadow and lipstick color. Even add glitter or try a ready-to-wear look. Use the “erase” icon to selectively remove makeup with a swab, or “wash” your face to remove all makeup and start again. The possibilities are endless!


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Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror: Enjoy a fabulous, makeup-free makeover with the Barbie Makeover Mirror. Transform an iPad into a digital mirror by sliding it into the vanity frame. Girls can then look into the mirror and select options like eye shadow, lipstick, color, and glitter. Use the included applicator to apply virtual makeup to the girl's live image on the iPad screen!? Facial tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place as the girl moves, just like she's really wearing it!? Girls can make a digital scrapbook of their favorite makeover looks.