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U.S. Pat. No. 3,713,179, issued Jan. 30, 1973, to Stephen Dubiel discloses a bathtub safety divider which provides a front divider to selectively shorten the tub to the user's size and reduce the risk of a user falling supine in the bathtub by providing an abutment for the feet.

The present invention is an integral, one piece bathtub divider 10 which makes it possible to bathe a child C or an infant in the least possible amount of water. Referring to FIG. 1, the bathtub divider 10, which is made of one piece of resilient waterproof plastic, is press fit into the bathtub B with the seat portion 20.


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Let's face it your child is not worth more than about 5 gallons of water, so why fill up your entire bathtub when they are only going to be using a fraction of it. The bathtub water divider lets you only fill up your bathtub with however much water you want to use. The bathtub water divider is flexible to fit any bathtub, saves water and heat energy, and makes bathtime safer for your child.