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Batman Dark Knight Rises Child's Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume with Mask/Headpiece and Cape - Small


This is a replica of an Adam West style Batman costume, worn by me. The cowl maker is unknown, but is probably a prototype made by an Argentinian costume company. The utility belt is made by CY Productions. The gloves were custom made by Gaspar Gloves. The chest emblem was made by Williams Studio. The tights are purchased dance wear tights and custom dyed by myself. The boots were modified by a local shoemaker. The cape was made by another Batman fan costumer. The trunks were made by a local dressmaker, using patterns created by Williams Studio.

Irish art director Julian Checkley has created a Batman costume that isn’t just for show. With 23 different built-in gizmos and gadgets, his Batsuit may be the most functional cosplay costume ever created. It’s also a World Record holder.


Infant / Toddler Batman Costume

that police in western New York say they’re looking for a man who was wearing a Batman costume and a Captain America mask when he walked out of a convenience store Tuesday with two 18-packs of beer without paying for them.