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  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Follow these steps for a head-to-toe bear costume that kids will love.

Fantasy World Brown bear Halloween costume for children Size 6, F67

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The introduction of this How-To calls it a, "A head-to-toe bear costume that kids will love" but I refuse to believe that magazine actually believes that. I'm not sure why middle-aged ladies are so dead set on talking in code all the time but fine, , we'll all go on pretending that Brookstone personal massagers are for backs and that this costume is supposed to be anything other than revenge.

If your big kid loves creepy movies and terrifying horror stories, they'll love this Psycho Teddy Bear Costume For Kids. This one is as spine-chilling as it gets. A gruesome teddy bear mask with empty, bloody eye sockets and a ghastly, fang-filled grin is perfect for topping off the horror movie classic, torn flannel shirt look. Faux fur protruding from the shirt's neck and matching faux fur gloves ensure your child will disappear completely in this costume, and in his or her shoes will stand a nightmare-inducing creature.


Men s Honey Bear Mascot Costume Size: One Size Fits Most