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Your child will write a poem about wanting to go to bed in winter based on "Bed in Summer."

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Print a copy of "Bed in Summer" and have your child circle words that have more than one syllable.


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In this unit, you will read "Bed in Summer" with your child. By creating a poem, drawing a dark house, illustrating the poem and showing different bed times your child will understand the poem and have fun. You will also talk about counting syllables and find syllables in "Bed in Summer," play syllable games and complete worksheets to understand the concept. Your child will also learn the sight words "after," "again," "an,"and "any." This unit is designed to last for one week, depending on how often you teach language arts.

You don’t need anything on your bed besides sheets. This is imperative if you do not use an air conditioner during this time of the year. Choose cotton sheets of different colors so that the bedding is still stylish but much . If you choose 100% cotton bedding for summer, you will be able to sleep well even when the temperature soars.


Poetry - Bed in Summer - The Wise Nest

This summer I’ve spent time mulling the season, here and in Illinois, where I grew up. One memory is of being very, very young and having to go to bed very, very early. When it was still light! And hating that, of course. Robert Louis Stevenson, in his “Bed in Summer,” remembers the same problem: