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Now if you’re still uncomfortable spraying the Cypermethrin, you can opt to apply NBS instead. It’s organic, won’t kill insects but still has good “bee repellency” action which will help prevent new nests from being drilled.

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3. Mothballs. These musty smelling balls act as an effective wasp repellent. Scatter them around your picnic area to get rid of bees and wasps. To ensure they don’t get in food or eaten accidentally, try tying a few in old pantyhose. Though mothballs are intended to kill moths in enclosed areas, in open spaces they perfectly safe for humans. Bees and wasps don’t like the smell so they work perfectly as a bee repellent.


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This wasp repellent & bee repellent spray is a natural repellent. Applied to your skin it acts as a masking agent that reduces the ability of wasps & bees to identify you as a threat.