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Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top System Legendary Bladers Set


Introduced with the V-series, the "Magnacore" line of Beyblade toys featured magnetic Spin Gears and Weight Disks to attract or repel blades from each other. Additionally, one could purchase magnets that were affixed to the bottom of one's Beystadium, which affected the movement patterns of the Beyblades.

Beyblade HMS (Hard Metal System) (Known is Japan as the Heavy Metal System) is a line of Beyblade toys released after the Engine Gear line of blades in respect to the anime series. This series, unlike ones in the past, use smaller pieces made mostly of metal. HMS Beyblades have a distinct advantage over previously released Beyblades, that being that their spin velocities are 1.5-2x faster.


Beyblade Toys Arrive at Burger King Restaurants

and announced that toy premiums will be featured in a Kids Meal promotion launching at restaurants in 70 countries. Each Kids Meal will include one of four different Beyblade toys that let kids race and battle it out.