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Big Hero 6 Bot Fight


When it comes to the Big Hero 6 games you have to know dear kids that they are realy amazing and we truly believe you will love them a lot, so just come and visit our site whenever you feel lke it and try out the Big Hero 6 games because you will not be sorry. A lot of adventures are waiting for you and you just can’t say no to them, for example in this particular game right here Hiro lost the intelligent chip that makes Baymax who he is and of course that they have to find it. You kids come and help yout friends out becaue you are in for a lot of adventures in this particular game because in your journey of searching for the chip you will bump into a lot of obstacles, bad guys and all that, so you have to be careful and of course listen to the instructions. In fact, this fun game is made for two kids to play at once, so invite one of your good friends and try out together the game. Good luck!

These Big Hero 6 games will let you relive the Disney movie, Big Hero 6! Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie follows Hiro Hamada who is a master of robotics in his hometown of San Fransokyo. Hiro’s used to battling tiny bots for cash, but when things start going wrong in San Fransokyo Hiro must take on an even bigger foe! But Hiro’s not alone; with his brother’s robot, Baymax, and his friends from school, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred - otherwise known as the Big Hero 6 superhero team - they master their special powers to defeat the mysterious evil in San Fransokyo!


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