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LEGO Bionicle Kopaka and Melum - Unity set 71311


Wow, through the comments we can see how far people have gone into considering a whole decade of Bionicle as if it was a sole building system or just one manner or method to build, or if it was limited to having or not gears, and even forgetting about the piece variety because of their "style", as if this determined the design of the sets or even of the theme as a whole.

Even thogh it is important to keep track of the design process, reading too much what the designers comment on forums out there, selling their own product as if it was the best thing in the world, sometimes can make people forget about the actual sets and develop a fake sense of system where there hasn't been none at all. I've collected some information for those who are truly interested in old bionicle sets:
- it is an example of "canister sets", by definition none of those from the new line cost the same anymore.

Of course the ball-joint based system is easy to use, have pros and cons, the existence of this system on its own it isn't a problem. My main complaint is that it really is lacking in variety. Inika system was around for four years and still lacked pieces in different colors, but this has exceeded its valuable time in my opinion, and Lego isn't taking it seriously enough, it's rather using it as a shield for releasing the same kind of sets as if forever.

I could obviously tell I'm not satisfacted with these new sets, the look of Lewa's mask (and his color scheme), the over-use of metallic armor and so on (all so present in HF - if I wanted something like that), but at the end of the day I can consider them as any other Lego action figure, not necessarily as the Toa-Mata-tributes the fans automatically expect when something come packed with a "Bionicle" tag on it. Even though it is not a tribute, a fan service or anything of the kind as most believe, we need some critical sense.

This is kind of sad how they are using the name of a dead franchise to make money with. Of course the "zombie isn't near as pretty as when it was living", but if I was to give a chance for it, it would be for Pohatu, mostly because of its mask and different colors. Even though, the suggested prices seem too absurd yet, so I'll expect official sources for it.

The current rumor that has sprouted is that this product case might be holding the new 2015 LEGO Bionicle sets. Though very unlikely, there is a very slim chance that this might actually be the case. However, there are no solid facts for this to be considered real.


LEGO BIONICLE Sets: 70784 Lewa - Master of Jungle NEW

In November 2009, Lego announced the shutdown on production of new Bionicle sets after a final wave would be released in 2010. Reasons that contributed to Lego's decision included a loss in sales, a lack of new interest, the over-use of unique names for characters, objects and locations, and a complicated back story that put potential new consumers off. In the summer of 2010, Lego launched a new construction series called that acted as a successor to Bionicle by featuring the same building system in its legacy.