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Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool, 45 x 10"


the prob is i only got limited space where im going to put them in a few weeks or so

its a 11ft long by 5ft wide stone shed with a outside run but not a big one

and the plastic pools i can get here are pretty big and would take like a big space in the shed

thats why i wanted a plastic storage tub or a smallish blow up kiddie pool

hey, who use's storage tubs or blow up kiddie pools for duck pools could u post pics of yours if u use these please

and if u use a ramp not for there nails to bust the blow up pool




Kman's Kiddie Pool Life Hack--- Put a Cork in it

The blow up kiddie pool was launched back in the time when the inflatable beach ball made its appearance. In 1938, Jonathon DeLonge invented the first design of the beach ball. Originally, it was made in the size of a human hand. Eventually, beach balls grew bigger and then the innovation for other inflatable items came to the picture.