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Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers


In , each player starts with their own erasable sketch book, marker and word card. A roll of the die determines each player’s secret word. The timer gets turned and everyone draws their word. After 60 seconds, everyone passes their book to the player on their left. Then each player takes a few seconds to guess in words what they see, and passes again. One of the most hilarious and unpredictable board games for kids, it’s miscommunication at its best.

The classic board game is still one of the best board games for kids and adults alike. One of the six legendary suspects has done away with Mr Boddy, but in which of the nine rooms? And which of the six weapons was used to commit this dastardly dead? Collect the right clues, make the right deductions, to determine who? where? which weapon? and you will solve the mystery and win the game.


Joe Blair 7'7" Surfboard / SUP Board for Kids

Number-line board games for kids. In two independent experiments, some preschoolers were assigned to play “number line" board games—-i.e., games in which players move game pieces through a series of sequentially-numbered spaces. Before and after the intervention, the kids were given several math tasks. Whereas kids in control groups experienced no improvement,

Mastermind. Studies using the game have yielded mixed results. When college students were assigned to play the game, they experienced improvements in their critical thinking skills, making fewer errors of reasoning (Wood and Stewart 1987). But a study of 7th and 8th graders failed to find any similar effects (Bright et al 1983).