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Wonder Horse Spring Rocking Horse – Bouncy Horse – Mid-Century Toy on Etsy, $78.00


Pink Sound Rodeo Bouncing Horse


  • From an old bouncy horse to a one of a kind hand painted carousel horse! Artist: My Mama Ellen :)
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  • This fun bouncing horse is sure to make any young horse lover happy to ride.

Green Horse Hopper, Pump Included (Inflatable Jumping Horse, Space Hopper, Ride-on Bouncy Animal)


Ready? Set? Let’s bounce! If you want to encourage your child to get some exercise then introduce the bouncy horse toy. This is a fun ride on toy to incite her imagination and get her to pretend she’s out riding a real horse. Let her play something like Cops and Robbers and encourage her to be creative! It’s simple toys like these that can really be fun because they allow kids to enjoy creating their own play world.

Your little cowgirl will love a bouncy horse toy to pretend she’s out in the wild west chasing down bad guys. Have you ever had one of these toys? I used to have one similar to this and it was incredibly fun, I’d fight with my little sister to play on it.


VTG Flexible Flyer Bouncing Horse by MustangRescue on Etsy

If you want to hear your child laughing hard while enjoying a horse back ride inside your home then getting this new is a great way to do that. Give your child the laugh that you and your kid will surely remember. You can play watch them as they brought to life this pony by bouncing on it! To give your child more entertainment, this bouncing horse is designed to be played in two ways such as smooth swinging and safe bouncing action. The pony’s ears create a ruffle sound that your toddler will surely hold with a good grasp to play with safety. It weighs 45 pounds and it recommended for children from 1 to 3 years old. This is also a great way to strengthen their legs and helps with the balance and coordination ability of your child’s body.