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  • For use with all Ameda milk collection systems, this breast pumping accessory kit includes everything mom needs for spare parts an
  • The Ameda Breast Pumping Accessory Kit features all the key essential items that breastfeeding mothers need. It includes 20 Store
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Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. Includes 2 Tubing, 2 Breastshields (25 mm, Medium), 4 Valves, 6 Membranes; Replacement Kit for Medela Pump Parts, Made by Maymom

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack Set w/ FREE ACCESSORIES

Choosing to breastfeed is one of the most important decisions you can make for your baby; and so is choosing the right breastpump and accessories to support your breastfeeding goals. It can be overwhelming with all the options available, and as a new mom, you may not be sure what is important to get to set you up for success.

So Medela has made it easy for you to prepare for breastfeeding and pumping with a convenient all-in-one breastpump and accessory set that also offers helpful education and tips. Medela's Breastpump Solution Sets include the breastpump for your unique lifestyle, essential mom recommended accessories and breastfeeding education. So you can always provide what's best for your baby.

The Solution Set includes everything you need to get started:

Pump In Style Advanced Backpack Breastpump:

So, you’ve figured out what sort of breast pump you are going to use. is to make sure you have the right breast pump accessories ready to go for your first pumping session! You know me, I’m all about organization! To help you get super organized, keep watching my video for a lowdown on all of this breast pump equipment.


Breast Pump Accessories & Spare Parts

Whether you need , or an , keeping the necessary Ameda breast pump accessories on hand will allow you to maintain your set pumping schedule and ensure that you are able to express the optimum amount of breastmilk each day.