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The bubble pipe toy is shown in FIG. 8 provided with a toy figurine in the form of the fire engine 26. The engine is hollow and made of plastic material, semi-rigid but with a slight degree of flexibility. It has a shell-like body 51 which is open at the bottom 52. The front 54 and the rear 56 are each provided with a semi-circular recess 58 with a protruding flange portion 60, such that the body 51 of the fire engine can simply be snapped on the pipe 34 over the recess 58 with the flange 60 being deformed in the connecting operation and then holding the body of the fire engine because of the resilient hugging nature of the flange 60. The fire engine body is further provided with an opening 62 which fits in registry over the chimney 40 of the bubble pipe such that air can be expelled through the pipe chimney and opening 62 to the ring-like element 50 of the wand 24 in the bubble forming operation.

The bubble pipe toy of this invention is generally indicated by the reference numeral 20. It is comprised of the main components in the form of the pipe 22, best shown in FIGS. 1 to 4 and an L-shaped wand 24 shown in FIGS. 5 through 7. It is adapted to be used with various types of toy figurines, such as the fire engine 26 of FIG. 8, the locomotive 28 shown in FIG. 11, the toy airplane 30 in FIG. 13, and the ball 32 of FIG. 16.


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