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Marvel 6-Inch Legends Series Captain America Figure


With Captain America: Civil War hot on the horizon, Hasbro was quick to crank out a Captain America theme Marvel Legends set. You’ve gotta hand it to Hasbro for the strategic roll out of the Marvel Legends line and populating the various waves with comic book style characters and limiting the more movie based appearances. It’s paid off and given us some B- and C-List characters that would never have been possible. Today though I’m looking at the man himself — Captain America.

A Captain America themed Marvel Legends line won’t be complete without a movie based toy in the line. Hasbro included three different Captain America (Marvel Now!, WW2, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie) action figures in a line that has 9 figures plus the 10th being the build-a-figure (Mandroid). It may be a bit too many Cap figures for some fans, but in the eye’s of retailers the only figures that actually sell are the big named characters (which we learned is not true as we’ve reported that WW2 Captain America has no build-a-figure piece and is the last to sell on the pegs, holding up more cases from coming).


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