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Another major problem is that the articles that make up the Care2 news section and the Causes section are frequently from disreputable sources of extreme anti-science propaganda. Finally, there is an extreme intolerance of people who post alternative views to whatever agenda the articles are pushing. Generally, an unpleasant site where a small group of people rage that the sky is falling based upon biased information, discourage other view points, and create frequently useless petitions to fight problems that oftentimes don't even exist. And, yes, they are a private, for-profit corporations selling members' data and frequently spamming members' inboxes.

Like many people, as suggested by other reviews, I started signing Care2 petitions that I cared about. But Care2 frequently combined the petitions I wanted to sign with submission boxes that were really about joining certain political election campaigns. They either prevent you from submitting your signature on petitions you want to unless you join the election campaign or trick you into thinking that by clicking on joining these election campaigns (which you don't notice) you are really only signing the petition. It's deceptive. Sadly, I won't be signing anymore of the petitions, many of which I really did care about.


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