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Thule Cougar Single Stroller - Avocado


The Chariot Cougar 1 boasts a 5-point harness to securely hold your child in place. As I’ve already mentioned, we’ve managed to tip the trailer a few times, and my little guy has always been held firmly in place. We’ve never had a more serious accident (car collision, etc), but I’ve heard the Chariot does remarkably well even in those scenarios.

Thule's aerodynamic Chariot Cougar 1 is an all-around adventurer, with features to suit your active family's needs. Multi-sport compatibility and Conversion Kits (sold separately) let you customize the Cougar 1 to fit your activity of choice. Whether paved paths or hiking trails are in your future, the adjustable suspension, padded child seat, five-point harness, and partial window venting will keep your young passenger comfy and happy. The HeightRight adjustable handlebar offers easy, one-handed steering and sports a handy Accessory Cross Bar. When you're ready to call it a day, the Cougar 1 folds down quickly and easily so you can pack it into your car or garage without worry.


Chariot Cougar 1 Red - Chariot Child Carriers - Rack Attack

With the Chariot Cougar 1, its aerodynamic design enhances multi-sport capabilities and the adjustable suspension makes for a smooth and stable ride. The ergonomically designed HeightRight™ adjustable handlebar is perfect for parents comfort and ensures long adventures are done with ease.