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  • F is one of those sleeper initials that's fashionable precisely because it's so unfashionable. Some of the coolest F baby names:
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Heron: cool baby names 2015 for boys are also inspired by nature. Soft sound that can get you flying up in the sky. Heron is suitable not only for bird enthusiasts, but for any one who admits that every now and then becomes a day dreamer. A person who can shut down from the ugly reality of every day life and take a step back to admire the wonders of nature. It’s important not to lose the touch with mother earth. like Heron achieve this goal with ultimate glory.

Dermot: another rare choice for parents who are looking to be cool through uniqueness. Dermot comes from Diarmaid, which means free man, but it has a slightly different meaning. Free from envy to be exact. Cool baby names 2015 for boys are supposed to spread positive vibes all around them, and that’s exactly what Dermot is doing. It remains widely undiscovered by American parents, so you can show off your research skills by bringing up this amazing name on the table. Your family will appreciate the amount of effort you put into finding the perfect candidate for your baby’s name.


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Marius: a cool baby name that comes from Mars, the mighty and fiercy God of war. A strong and with a cool European flavor, Marius is very popular in France and Germany. Mario is the Italian sexy alternative name and they all grabbing more attention from cool parents around the world.