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Peacemaker: The Corona Rebellion 2564 AD


The Corona ads are trying to portray to a younger party scene and attract to a younger public to compete with the Dos Equis ads. Only time will tell if these newer ads work and do indeed pick up a declining profit. As Corona sees sluggish sales Corona’s ads will continue to be entertaining. And hopefully for Corona, people will choose the beer that is noted to be best with a lime.

Has anyone seen this Corona ad anywhere other than on a vehicle? I wonder if the vehicle installation was chosen to amplify, to relay, and to preserve the subliminal messages? In motion, the ad can assume an animated character and is amplified. Not fixed, but being in many places each day, the ad gets a wide audience and is relayed. A moving target, it’s unlikely that a viewer will have the opportunity to concentrate and interpret, and so the subliminal veil is maintained.


Corona Extra Ad - From where you'd rather be

This generation of the Corona was also known as the Tiara, when exported by . It was introduced at a critical time for the company in North America. Their first flagship car, the , was unsuccessful in the US market, and the Corona was added to offer a choice along with the . At the time, there was little market for an off-road vehicle like the Land Cruiser. The front mask of the T20 Corona is reminiscent of the 1955–1957 , and shares its appearance with the entry-level offering, called the .