• Faux log crawl through tunnel
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6-feet Play Tunnel Toy Tent Child Kids Pop up Discovery Tube Playtent

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It is very simple to do and my daughter was entertained doing this for at least 15 minutes to half an hour. I handed her the first food pouch lid and then encouraged her to crawl through the tunnel to the other side. She has played with just the food pouch lids in the baby wipes container before, so she knew to put the lids into the container. Then I had her crawl back through the tunnel to the wooden bowl to get another lid.

After her break, she continued to go back and forth between crawling through the tunnel to put the lids into the baby wipes container and lying down in the tunnel and rolling herself. I made sure to monitor her while she was rolling and she did a good job of actually knowing when to stop the movement herself!


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Children's Adventure Trails will be an interactive area for children to play. They'll be able to crawl through tunnels and look into the prairie dog habitat, watch a 250 foot long stream and climb an oversized eagle nest to name a few features. Little ones and parents can go on the Stroller Coaster which has rolling inclines.