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Crayola Air Dry Clay 5 Lb Bucket, White, (57-5055)


As an art teacher I would use this clay for students that were absent for real clay and they never knew the difference! Crayola air dry clay is truly awesome. @ Erica it is totally different than play dough….you can make pinch pots, sculptures, jewelry pendants, and when they dry they are as if they were fired (cooked) in a kiln! Especially if you use white clay….not sure if they make red crayola air dry.
We made spiral heart pendant with crayola air dry here:
Love the pics of Rainbow Rachelle…..she is so sweet!

I have been reading about several air dry clays. It seems I made a mistake in buying the 2.5lb tub of Crayola White Air Dry Clay. Luckily I have not opened it and I plan to return it to Michael’s later today.


Crayola Air Dry Clay 5 Lbs White

Crayola Air Drying Clay is a solution that is perfect for art room and classroom. Clay can dry anywhere, anytime. Can also supplement kiln programs for students who miss the opportunity to have pieces fired. Results in the creation of a piece that can be sent home or easily kept. No need for special glazes. Can be decorated with tempera or acrylic paints, or watercolors. Air Dry Clay is less clumpy than traditional clays and cleans more easily off hands and surfaces.