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All rashes are basically inflammations of the skin. Fungal rashes can appear scaly and red with tiny blisters. They usually occur on the parts of your body that tend to sweat or become moist, such as the armpits or between the toes. If you suspect this type of skin irritation, the best cream for rashes of this nature are ones that contain anti-fungal ingredients. Look for creams that contain one percent terbinafine or one percent , both of which are potent anti-fungal medications.

Rashes generally fall into one of three categories, specifically, bacterial, fungal, and viral. They can also be caused by or skin irritants. There are several different types of rash creams available, including antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-itch. Choosing the best cream for rashes is therefore a matter of determining what type of rash you are dealing with.


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