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  • In 2010 the BBC revised the dalek shape and Character released new dalek toys to reflect this.
  • In 2010 the BBC revised the dalek shape and Character released new dalek toys to reflect this.
  • 2005 brought the first Character Options Dalek toys including the various remote control Daleks.

Funko 4632 POP TV: Doctor Who Dalek Action Figure


Dalek Rolykins stood about an inch tall and had detachable guns and eye. They were found in three colours - black, silver and red. These dalek toys had a very distinctive feature; a ball bearing in the base which meant they could glide down surfaces such as tables. The original price was just one shilling; needless to say they go for quite a bit more than that now especially in near mint original boxes (note Product Enterprise released their own Rolykin Dalek replicas in 2000). Because of their size, seaside arcade machines were filled with them. The Rolykins were amongst the most popular Dalek toys, with over a million units sold by October 1965.

The 90's saw the further continuation of Dapol releasing Dalek toys but not much else; hardly surprising as Doctor Who was taken off air in 1989.


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Dalek toys have been around since almost as long as the Doctor Who series itself. Yeah, it took decades for the longest running sci-fi show to get a respectable line of action figures, but all that while, the Daleks had their own good thing going, riding the gravy train of mass merchandising madness. Granted nearly all of this great swag was confined to Great Britain, and it was inconsistant at best with its share of really crappy toys. I know of the Dalek toy history exclusively from research and photos. I’ve never been lucky enough to own one until CO came along, unless you count the little loose Dapol Dalek I’ve had for a while. Either way, the wait was well worth it. Character Options is now turning out quality Daleks as well as all sorts of great Doctor Who toys and figures and this 12″ RC Dalek is just one of my many dreams that CO has made come true.