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  • Walt Disney Wallpaper of alot of Disney Characters. (Source: Google Images)
  • Here are some of the Disney Characters:

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Walt Disney Wallpapers - Disney Babies. Mickey, Goofy and Minnie as Disney Babies. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Walt Disney Characters club tagged: walt disney wallpapers disney babies mickey mouse goofy minnie mouse.

Mickey Mouse was the first Disney character to be created. He starred in a T.V series called “Steamboat Willie” which aired in New York City in 1928. Mickey’s character was inspired by the famous comedic actor Charlie Chaplin.


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Donald Duck: Donald was first seen in The Wise Little Hen back in 1934. He was a big hit with audiences and his popularity continued to increase until he eventually starred in 128 cartoons! That’s more than any other Disney character, even Mickey!