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Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart


As you’ll know if your child is a fan, Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins is a little African American girl in a TV show, who imitates her doctor mother by being a doctor for her toys and stuffed animals. There are a lot of and toys, including a that we reviewed last year, but the latest big hit is the Doc McStuffins mobile clinic.

The Doc McStuffins mobile clinic makes siren sounds as it’s pulled along, which kids will love. Lights flash along with the siren, letting everyone know that Doc is attending an emergency!


Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart : Target

Danika’s 6th Birthday was the end of March and we had a fun party to celebrate! When shopping for her Birthday gifts I knew she’d LOVE these fun Doc McStuffins toys and the new Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic DVD. I love making themed Birthday gifts so this collection of toys along with the DVD was perfect!