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Disney has been doing a great job with their new characters in the past few years--Doc, Sofia, Miles, etc. I love how Doc is so smart, so very sweet and friendly, and she makes me wish that I had taken such good care of my own toys when I was young. And unlike animation from the years that I was growing up, both children and adults are actually being taught something now, which makes watching cartoons no longer a waste of time or just junk TV that parents won't like. I hope the Doc McStuffins series lasts for a good few years more--Doc and all of her little friends are just wonderful, and it's so nice to see that practically all of the children who watch have embraced her.

The toddler loves her some Disney Junior, especially Doc McStuffins. These new Handy Manny & Doc McStuffins episodes for Valentine’s Day will definitely be added to the DVR so we can watch them…


How did you make the shelf inside the doc mcstuffins house?

What's better than a Doc McStuffins birthday party? Being able to dress as Doc for the big day! Our officially licensed includes a top, coat, pants, headband and toy stethoscope. She'll be cute, comfortable and the life of the party.