• 18 inch doll beds
  • are heirloom quality doll beds that would be a memorable gift for any little girl or collector.
  • good fit for us,” notes Walgren. “Since these are limited-edition, custom doll beds never before
  • We offer 20 different designs for our doll beds, not just the sweetheart cut out. See below.

Badger Basket Rose Doll Bed, White


The dilemma for Chuck and I is slightly different, because whether she chooses the (yes, she has managed to fall in love with the most expensive bed in the catalog) or the (are you kidding me?!!), there is really no way we can justify spending that much money on a piece of doll furniture, regardless of her final decision.  But after watching her pine over that catalog for months and talk about almost NOTHING but doll beds and closets, I also don’t want to break her tender little still-believing-in-the-magic-of-Santa-Claus heart.

Our 4 year old granddaughter was given Emily and Molly for Christmas. Fortunately Papa is a carpenter. He made two doll beds and an armoire with a drawer at the bottom. All were painted pink and white. The look on her face was priceless! Since I was sick for the week before and during Christmas I was not able to make the matching pj’s for her and the dolls. I had already cut out the patterns and was ready to sew. Hoping to get started this week with the pj’s and mattress covers. I am going to use your idea for the mattresses. Thanks for the idea.


Farmhouse Doll Beds | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White

We specialize in custom built doll beds for the American Girl Dolls and all 18" Dolls. All of our products are made with quality materials, 5/8" thick wood (even for the platforms), child-safe & durable finishes and luxuriously soft fabrics.