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AnnieCos Dora the Explorer Soft Plush Backpack Rescue Bag, Purple


We hope to provide you with quality Dora backpack shopping. We will break our page into the actual Dora backpack products that your child can use and we will have another section for Dora backpack toys. Without question the most popular choice is the real deal backpack and not the backpack character from the show.

Kids love Dora. If your child has a Dora backpack they will be proud bringing it out with them. If you want a popular toy, the purple plush backpack toys are great also!


Closing To Dora the Explorer Dora Backpack Adventure 2002 VHS

This Dora backpack is quite well made and has a unique three zippered pockets. The straps are extra padded also. This 14-inch sized backpack will cost around $18 USD.