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Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo Colors will vary


The Duncan Metal Drifter yoyo has a recessed silicone pad response system and a wider than usual string gap, which allows for less-responsive play. This means that it will be difficult for beginners to "wake up" when the yoyo is sleeping and you tug on the string. You'll want to at least have an intermediate skill level to make the best use of this yoyo and not be frustrated with it.

This yoyo uses a size A bearing, which is the standard sized bearing used in most Duncan models. Each metal drifter yoyo comes with a really cool skull counterweight for 5A "freehand" play that comes in assorted colors. Keep in mind that you are not required to use the counterweight if you don't want to! If you want to use the Duncan Metal Drifter as a regular yoyo, it works great that way. You can play the yoyo both ways, which gives you a lot of options for mastering different styles of yoyo tricks.


Hobbymasters has the Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo

The Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo features a brushed aluminium finish for less wind resistance and a smoother feel. Its wide string gap, high speed ball-bearing axle and recessed friction stickers for professional yo-yo action.