• Medic’s Duracell Battery:
  • S06 220 Lumens Flashlight + 3 x AAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries
  • AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries (2 Card)
  • AAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries (2 Card)

Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries 24 Count


Everyone recognizes the Duracell Coppertop as a sign of Duracell battery quality. But really, it’s what’s underneath the Coppertop that matters. Unless your Duracell Coppertop batteries and Duracell Procell batteries come from a reputable distributor like Medic, you can’t be sure about their insides. Are they fresh from the Duracell battery factory? Were the Duracell Coppertop and Duracell Procell batteries made in the USA or made to USA standards? Did you unknowingly buy an imitation Duracell battery? If you don’t have time for worries like these, buy your Duracell Coppertops and Duracell Procells from Medic Batteries! All our Duracell Procell batteries are properly stored, date coded, and 100% guaranteed to provide you with the reliable, long-lasting power you expect from a name like Duracell.

Medic Batteries is one of the largest online retailers of discounted Duracell battery products, including popular Duracell Procell battery and Duracell Coppertop battery styles. The Duracell battery brand is a trusted and favorite of customers looking for a high-quality, long-lasting power. Medic Batteries offers reliable Duracell Procell and Coppertop battery power at discounted bulk prices to save more on one of the industries top-selling brands.


16 x AA (HR6 / DC1500) Duracell NiMH Batteries (2450 mAh)

Remember when packing your essentials for your backyard adventure that you will want to pack Duracell Quantum batteries – they allow you to #PowerMoreSummer by powering your devices for longer. The Duracell Quantum Hi-Density Core stores more power boosters to provide longer lasting performance than ever before. You don’t have to worry about your batteries running low either and leaving you in the dark as Duracell is the only battery brand with PowerCheck on the cell for accurate reading of remaining power. That, of course, translates to way more outdoor and summer fun!