• Are electric dirt bikes the future?
  • Control module for Razor® Dirt Rocket MX500 version 21+ electric dirt bikes. Version 21+ MX500 dirt bikes have throttles with 6 wires.
  • Twist throttle with indicator lights for Razor® Dirt Rocket MX500 version 1-9 electric dirt bikes. Replaces MX500 throttles with 4 wires.
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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Electric dirt bikes are a fantastic idea – machines like the , and even the can give you serious off-road giggles without pissing off neighbors and locals. Plus, while range concerns still make electric roadbikes a tough sell outside the commuting arena, batteries are good enough for an hour and a bit of off-road use, which'll give you some good laughs and a decent bit of a workout.

Battery set with wiring harness for all versions of the Razor® MX500 Dirt Rocket electric dirt bikes. Three 12Ah batteries. Includes 12 month battery replacement warranty.


2013 Zero MX Electric Motorcycle || ZERO MOTORCYCLES

Electric dirt bikes function on a charged battery that is charged through a standard 120V power outlet. Charge times differ, but tend to range between 9 and 12 hours for a full battery. This battery can be operated at full speed for up to an hour, but requires a full recharge cycle before the bike is ready to go again. This makes electric dirt bikes great for beginners who intend to use the bike every once in awhile for an hour or so. If your child wants to spend more time than this on their dirt bike, electric bikes may not be the best choice since they will be forced to wait for the machine to recharge.