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LEGO Technic Power Function Accessory box (8293)


Something like this would have been great in my Lego building days, especially at Age 10 to 13 when I was getting really into Electronic Lab kits, and ended up building a One Transistor Radio. This type of kit would be a great start to learn on how to make real electronics using Legos and electronic parts. I used to make “fake” electronic products such as walkie walkies, a office telephone, and a tape player which were for the imagination only using Legos, but did not include parts that you used such as ’s, wire, and transistors. I support this type of technology using electronic components and legos.

Let's talk a little bit about the Grove system provided by SeeedStudio. Grove components are kinda like the electronic legos of the maker community. A wide variety of components are offered from sensors & UI pieces to wireless communication. They take care of all the hard stuff and provide an easy to use interface for incorporating Grove into your projects.


Legos are, by far, the most played with item in our home