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Maintaining good oral hygiene is critical to your overall health. In children, it is necessary to instill healthy dental habits early enough and ensure they understand their importance. Many parents and guardians find it a challenge to introduce dental care and sound hygiene habits to preschoolers. However, it does not have to be difficult anymore with Elmo brush your teeth videos. Your children can enjoy the rich cartoon features, the sweet melodies and learn a thing or two that will inspire them to observe proper oral care.

As a parent, you should introduce your children to oral care even before the first tooth comes out. You can do this by wiping the gums after meals. This will not only build discipline in your child but also help them to love brushing from a tender age. With familiarity of oral hygiene, it becomes easier for children to pick up the habit as they grow up. There are soft toothbrushes designed for toddlers and small children. Ensure you make the process as fun as possible. Playing videos of Elmo brushing his teeth using a Smartphone can be an excellent idea.


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The American Dental Association recommends that you spend at least two minutes brushing your toddler's teeth. However, this might not be practical with toddlers. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that you focus on covering all the tooth surfaces, especially your child's back teeth. You may not be able to get your toddler to let you spend two minutes brushing their teeth, but you can make sure every tooth is brushed during the time you do spend brushing your toddler's teeth. You can use the Elmo brushing teeth song to time your oral care sessions in order to motivate your toddler.