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United Cutlery UC3031 'The Hobbit' Elven Bow and Arrow of Tauriel


While possessing the same low range but fast speed as the regular short bow, the Elven Short Bow can greatly improve range through upgrades and maintains a decently high critical rate.

Created by Rudder Bows Archery, this Legolas-style elven bow is of solid hickory. The bow wood is treated with a clear, polyurethane finish. This ambidextrous bow works equally well for right or left-handed archery. Comes with a bowstring and a bow stringer.


Elven Bow (Skyrim) - Elder Scrolls - Wikia

Elves use (in the case of the Elves of and ) which were, as their name suggests, longer bows and shot farther and higher than any other types of Elven bows.