• Fisher cat checking out the photographer
  • new england fisher cat... not an animal I would want to run into while out with my dogs
  • Fisher cat checking out the photographer
  • Fisher cat checking out the photographer

Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family


A resident spotted a fisher in the neighborhood around Quail Court on Sunday night and wanted police to warn others that the predator, which is often erroneously called a fisher cat, could go after their dogs and cats.

"The guy said he definitely knew it was a fisher cat and he just wanted us to be aware of it in case there were any attacks," Lower Saucon patrolman James Connell said.



We photographed this or Fisher during one of my wildlife photography workshops. I am not sure why the fisher cat name because it is a weasel and not a feline. Perhaps it comes from the fact that these animals will prey on feral and domestic cats. Anyway, talk about cute and a ball of flying fur! Hopefully next spring we will have the opportunity again.