• Fisher ()
  • Many people in Vermont have claimed to hear fishers, but Dan puts it to the test.
  • Fisher on the lookout for danger
  • Fisher cats are also know for their terrifying screaming sound. Listen to that .



If I am unsure as to it being too early or too late I let my dog out fully supervised. I just hope my dog will come when I call him should I ever see a threat (my dog will go after a cat and not stop so will have to see how he reacts to a fisher).

Dont mean to sound harsh but these false accusations get to be a bit much sometimes. Fishers are amazing creatures. They have more right to be in the wild than Fluffy does. Fishers are Native to New England - Fluffy is not. Fishers have to kill to eat - Fluffy thrill kills and then comes inside for Fancy Feast. Keep your pet indoors from Sunset to Sunrise and they will likely live a long fat happy life. Let them out longer and they will be on the menu.


Fisher cat checking out the photographer

In the winter of 2005 while following their tracks in the snowI finally located one of their dens. The den was a large rotted tree that hadblown over in a storm. When it blew over it exposed a large hollow cavity thatstretched far up inside the tree. Fishers were using this tree as a den and fromthe tracks I could see that there was a lot of activity here.